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Raw Material Importance to Advanced Ceramics

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“Raw materials are the foundation, molding is the condition, and firing is the key" is the experience that ceramic workers have summed up from many years of ceramic production practice. This shows the importance of raw materials in ensuring product quality. In order to produce high-quality ceramic products, it is important to choose the right raw materials, and the inherent characteristics of the raw materials themselves are the inherent basis to ensure that the products obtain the ideal quality.


Obviously, the preparation method of raw materials deserves special attention. There are generally two types of preparation methods for raw materials used in ceramic products: one is mechanical crushing and fluctuation, and the other is synthesis. The former method is a method of crushing coarse particles to obtain fine powder by mechanical methods, which has the advantages of large production volume and low cost, but there are problems of impurities mixing in the crushing process, and it is difficult to produce submicron particles The size of the powder produced by the synthesis method is high in purity, small in particle size and good in component uniformity. It is very suitable for the needs of advanced ceramic materials with high performance requirements and low output.


Pingxiang Zhishun Ceramics specializes in the production of industrial ceramics and advanced ceramics, such as ceramic tower packing ,wear resistant ZTA ceramics, Al2O3 99.7% Alumina Wafer Polishing Plate etc. The major raw material powder of Chemshun Ceramics is imported from Australia and France . Before grinding, all the imported raw material would be tested for finished ceramics quality that high quality ceramics can be offered to oversea customers .


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