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Performance and Application of Alumina Ceramics

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Alumina is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula Al2O3. It occurs naturally in its crystalline polymorphic phase α-Al2O3 as the mineral corundum, the content is between 75% and 99.9% in the industrial application. Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,Ltd can produce 92% and 95% alumina wear resistant ceramic products.

Performance of Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramics are widely used in the different industries, because different content has different performance, let's have a look at the specificity.

1.High mechanical strength
Flexural strength of alumina sintered ceramics is 250MPA, flexural strength of alumina hot pressed ceramics is up to 500MPA. Strength can be maintained to 1450℃ at high temperatures, so it can be made into ceramics and other mechanical components.
2.High resistivity and good electrical insulation performance
The normal temperature resistivity is 1015 Ω·cm, and the dielectric strength is 15 kV/mm. Taking advantage of insulation and strength, it can be used as substrate, socket, park plug, and circuit shell.

3.High hardness
Moh's hardness is 9, plus excellent abrasion resistance, so alumina ceramics are widely used in making knife, grinding medias, grinding wheels, abrasives, wire drawing dies, extrusion dies, ceramic nails and bearing, etc. Among them, alumina ceramic knife and valve are the most widely used. When machining automotive engines and aircraft parts with alumina ceramic knife, high precision can be achieved with high cutting speeds.

4.Excellent wear resistance
Alumina is one of the primary representatives of this class of materials because of its high fracture toughness, hardness and density, which enable its use in the production of highly critical parts. One such application involves protection against abrasion and erosion wear. The wear loss of Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics' wear resistant ceramics is low and steady, are widely accepted as the ceramic wear liner by the mineral and mining process industries.

5.High melting point, corrosion resistance
Melting point of 2050 ° C, it can resist the erosion of molten metals such as Be, Sr, Ni, Al, V, Ta, Mn, Fe, Co. It is also highly resistant to erosion by NaOH, glass and slag. It will not be effected with Si, P, Sb, Bi in an inert atmosphere. Therefore, it can be used as a refractory material, furnace tube, glass crucible, hollow ball, fiber, thermocouple protective cover, and so on.

wear-resistant alumina ceramic tiles

Application of Alumina Ceramic

1.Mechanical field
Alumina ceramic knives are widely used in hard material cutting, high-speed steel cutting, ultra-high-speed cutting and other difficult-to-machine materials due to their high hardness, high temperature mechanical properties, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, and difficulty in bonding with metals. The optimum cutting speed of alumina ceramic knife is higher than that of ordinary carbide tools, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency of different materials.

2.Building ceramic tiles, sanitarywares & tablewares plants
In the construction of sanitary ceramics, alumina ceramic products can be seen everywhere, such as alumina ceramic lining bricks, grinding media, rollers, ceramic protection tubes and alumina refractories. Among them, alumina grinding media for ball mill is the most widely used. Alumina grinding media has the characteristics of suitable hardness, moderate density, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low price. Therefore, most of the raw materials for building sanitary ceramics are processed by alumina grinding media.

Alumina is used to manufacture tiles which are attached inside pulverized fuel lines and flue gas ducting on coal fired power stations to protect high wear areas. Service industries including: Mining, Fired power plant, Cement, Steel, Port, Chemical industries. Chemshun Ceramics wear ceramic liner is wear resistant in bulk materials handling and help customers reduce the maintenance costs and minimize downtime to prolong the equipment usage life and improve the factory performance.

With good wear resistant performance of alumina ceramic, Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,Ltd become a forerunner of wear resistant ceramic liner and ceramic grinding media.

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