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Pall Ring Packing Application

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Pall ring packing is applied in air-cooled tower and water-cooled as a filler, using free stacking. In the mass transfer and heat transfer, the liquid from the tower uniform downstream flow along the packing film flow, the gas from the bottom of the tower through the filler (filler surface area of 80 ~ 110m2 / m3) contact with the liquid film Heat and mass exchange.
Practice has proved that the air pre-cooling system using Pall ring packing compared with the sieve plate, has the following salient features:
1) Strong ability of mass transfer heat transfer . The temperature difference between the air temperature of the air-cooled tower and the cold water of the tower into the tower can be less than 1 , water cooling tower outlet temperature and Tungsten into the tower between the nitrogen temperature can produce 4 ~ 5  negative temperature difference;
2) Since the accumulated porosity reaches 94-95%, it is not easy to plug the race, it is not easy to select the foam entrainment, which is conducive to changing the working conditions. After the air volume increases, it is not easy to bring water;
3) Small pressure drop, the resistance of each meter packing about 10mm water column;
4) Air-cooled tower water consumption can be reduced by 30%
5) Reduce the chiller cooling capacity. Can not start the winter, the cooling capacity in summer can be reduced by 80%, in order to achieve air chiller without pre-cooling system becomes possible;
6) Easy installation, low manufacturing cost;
7) The rather low density (0.9 kg / m3) leads to a light end product
Pall ring packing includes different materials of metal, ceramics, plastic, Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer supply with you more tower packing with different sizes.

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