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Lithium Battery Industry Powder Transportation Wear Problem Solved By Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

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With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the market demand for lithium batteries is increasing, such as the electric vehicle industry, mobile phone battery industry, etc. But a prominent problem come out, the pneumatic conveying pipelines are easy to suffer serious wear damage when delivering lithium batteries positive & negative electrode materials .

In lithium battery production plants, traditional pneumatic conveying pipelines generally use glass lined 304 stainless steel . However, the glass is not wear-resistant, it is easy to wear under the continuous erosion of lithium battery raw material powder. The general service life is about 6 months, especially The elbow pipe part, because the airflow changes the flow direction on the side of the elbow, the outer side of the elbow is much easily worn  seriously.

In view of the wear conditions of lithium battery raw material transportation pipelines, Chemshun Ceramics recommends using wear resistant alumina ceramic lined steel pipe. This wear resistant pipe is composite of 304 stainless steel pipe part, viscose and ceramics. The ceramics are adhered to the inner wall of the steel parts by high-strength viscose and cured by heating. Which form a strong anti-wear layer. This product is suitable for pneumatic conveying of powder, and it will not be aged or fall off for a long time in an environment of 150-300℃. Its life is 4-5 times more than that of glass pipes. So company therefore reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance

ceramic lined pipe

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