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Large-scale High-purity Alumina Ceramic Products Produced By Spontaneous Solidification

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Spontaneous gelation breaks through the key bottleneck problems such as deformation and cracking of large-size ceramic wet billets during drying, and produce large-size high-purity alumina ceramic grinding discs with diameters of 360mm to 600mm, 1400x900x30, 500x500x45, 1180x490x20mm etc .


Large-scale structural ceramic parts have a wide range of applications in Semiconductors Manufactur, LCD Equipment, General industrial Machines and other fields, but the molding of large-scale ceramic parts is extremely challenging. Compared with classic cold isostatic pressing and injection molding, gelcasting (gelcasting, or gel injection molding) has outstanding advantages: the green microstructure is uniform, fundamentally ensuring the reliability of ceramic components; The billet has high strength and density, is convenient to handle, and can effectively reduce the risk of sintering shrinkage and cracking; near-net-shape molding can greatly reduce the machining cost. In addition, the injection molding process equipment is simple, which can effectively reduce the cost of production input, and has great application potential in the preparation of large-sized ceramic components.

                                      large size high purity alumina ceramics

Compared with other gel systems, the PIBM spontaneous coagulation system has obvious advantages such as fewer types of additives, less added amount, and simple operation. Under normal temperature atmospheric environment, only one organic copolymer can be used to achieve spontaneous solidification of Al2O3, and the prepared Al2O3 ceramic wet blank has good flexibility. At the same time, the solidification system has wide universality and has been successfully applied to the preparation of porous, dense and transparent ceramics in various oxide and non-oxide systems. By comparing the drying process of the epoxy-polyamine gel system and the PIBM spontaneous coagulation system, the team found that the density of the organic network significantly affects the drying behavior of the ceramic wet blank. The organic network formed by the PIBM spontaneous solidification system is conducive to moisture transport, and the drying stress is easier to release, and the green body does not deform after drying; while the organic network formed by the epoxy resin-polyamine gel system hinders moisture transport and the drying stress is large The body is easy to dry and deform.


PIBM spontaneous solidification molding technology is applied to the preparation of large-scale advanced ceramic materials. It has significant originality and advancedness, and will provide a new low-cost manufacturing method for large-size ceramic components. At the same time, it provides a wide range of choices for semiconductor, liquid crystal display, precision equipment and other industries around the world and promotes the improvement of production efficiency in these industries.


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