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How to test Mohs hardness scale of wear resistant ceramics

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To be excellent wear abrasion resistance, wear resistant ceramics need have high hardness. And Mohs hardness scale is an international standard to evaluate alumina ceramics’ hardness.

It was proposed by the German mineralogist Frederich Mohs in 1824. And usually we use the scratched method to test the hardness of unknown mineral. The scratched method is use a mineral whose Mohs hardness scale is known to scratch the surface of the tested mineral, then compare their scratch. If the surface of the tested mineral is scratched, the hardness of it is less than the known mineral; if the surface of the known mineral is scratched, the hardness of the tested mineral is greater than the known mineral. And these are ten minerals whose Mohs hardness scale is known :

Mineral's name Mohs hardness scale
Talc 1
Gypsum 2


Feldspar 6
Quartz 7
Topaz 8
Corundum Ruby or Sapphire 9
Diamond 10

To test the Mohs hardness scale of high alumina ceramics tiles, you only need :

1. Place a piece of tested alumina ceramics tiles on a rigid support.

2. Selection of different Mohs standard ore to scratch the surface of ceramic tile.

3. Compare the scratch of ceramic tile with the ores and repeat 2rd step until the surface of the alumina ceramic tile is scratched.

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