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How to choose best wear resistant bend pipe liner?

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With hard and corrosive material transporting day by day, bend pipe is easy to get wear while there's no protection. So many industries need to install wear liner inside pipe.

There mainly are three different types of bend pipe liner including rubber liner, ceramic liner and ceramic rubber composite liner.

Rubber Liner:


High air tightness, wear resistance, absorbing vibration.


It's easy to separate with steel pipe at a high temperature working environment.

Ceramic Liner (Tile/Pipe):

Ceramic Liner Tile Pipe.jpg


1. High temperature resistance.
2. High acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
3. Alumina ceramic tile as pipe liner is easy to install and fix.
4. High hardness and higher wear resistant than rubber liner.
5. Smooth surface and no powder blocking, improve the transport speed.
6. Long service life.


Lower impact resistant than rubber liner, espesially in transporting process of hard materials.

Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner:

Ceramic Rubber Composite liner.jpg


1. Composite the impact resistance of rubber and high hardness of alumina ceramic.
2. High wear resistant.


It need the high requirement to the fix, otherwise it is easy to fall off.
Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics specialize in producing and export high quality of wear resistant ceramic, ceramic/ rubber/ steel compostions. Our alumina ceramic products for pipe wear protection mainly are (weldable) wear resistant trapezoidal tile and arc tile or alumina ceramic tube/pipe. Also, we supply ceramic rubber composite hose and alumina ceramic lining tile for vulcanization. These wear resistant ceramic liner have features of high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent hardness.

If you're interested in Chemshun wear resistant ceramic pipe liner and need more technical information, welcome to contact with us or calling/whatsapp/we chat at: 0086-15879957696.

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