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How often should Raschig ring be replaced

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How long does the raschig ring packing last and how often it needs to be replaced. Raschig ring packing is divided into ceramics, metals, and plastics in terms of materials. When used in different packed towers, the normal service life is 3-5 years, and the replacement cycle will also be determined according to the working conditions.

If the ceramic Raschig ring packing comes out of the packing tower and breaks, and the fragments block and reduce the work efficiency, it is necessary to replace a new batch of ceramic Raschig ring packing.

If the plastic Raschig ring packing is deformed in the packing tower, or is stained with dirt that is difficult to clean, it also needs to be replaced.

If the metal Raschig ring packing becomes thicker in the packing tower, which affects the production efficiency, the packing can be pulled out of the packing tower for cleaning. If the cleaning is not clean and the dirt is heavy, purchase new ones for replenishment.

The service life of the packing is also related to the usual maintenance, and it is often necessary to maintain and clean it, which is beneficial to prolong the service life. Raschig ring packing has low humidity, but has sufficient mechanical strength and chemical stability, and has an advantage in price, and the input cost can reduce the cost of the enterprise. A large wet packing factor indicates good wetting performance. For more random packing, please consult Pingxiang Keyuan customer service.

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