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How much pressure abrasion resistant ceramic tile can withstand ?

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How much pressure abrasion resistant ceramic tile can withstand ?

As an abrasion resistant ceramic tile manufacturer and supplier, Chemshun Ceramics often help customer to analyze and solve industry wear damage problem.once a customer from Canada talked with me about the alumina ceramic property , and ask how much pressure the alumina tile can withstand.I’m confused at that time. Because i cann’t give a simple number as answer .which is affected by so many factors.

pressure abrasion resistant ceramic tile

Alumina ceramic lining tile is characterized by high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance,high impact resistance. So it is widely applied as ceramic chute liner, hopper liner, cyclone liner etc .

So what factors affected the pressure ? generally speaking, these factors include compressive strength , flexural strength ,material thickness of ceramics itself, surface roughness, force application (uniform force or concentration ). Chemshun Ceramics often suggest alumina plate after analyzing actual operation environment. Rubber ceramic wear liner or alumina tile with more thickness may be suggested if equipment suffer from super impact shock.

Totally abrasion resistant ceramic tile is much superior compared with other wear resistant materials for its advantages. Welcome to contact Chemshun Ceramics if any more questions .



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