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Development of Ceramic Materials

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Ceramic is the oldest material, and it is the first chemical product made by human conquering nature. It appeared much earlier than metal materials. It is one of the symbols of human civilization and an important research object in the history of human civilization.

For a long time, the development of ceramic materials relies on the teaching of craftsmanship. The products are mainly household utensils, building materials (such as bricks, glass), etc., usually called traditional ceramics. Due to the development of materials science, people have a deep understanding of the relationship between material structure and distribution. They can successfully control the chemical composition and micro
-structure of lattice materials and successfully develop ceramic materials with different properties. For example, high-temperature structural ceramics and various functional ceramics (electronic materials, optical fibers, sensitive ceramic materials, etc.) have been more and more widely used, and are increasingly valued by people.

Ceramic materials can be divided into traditional ceramics and advanced ceramics. The main raw materials of traditional ceramics are quartz, feldspar, clay and other minerals that exist in nature. The raw materials of advanced ceramics generally adopt a series of synthetic or refined chemical raw materials. In recent years, advanced ceramics have made great progress and attracted people's attention. Many new terms have emerged at home and abroad, such as new ceramics, fine ceramics, modern ceramics, and high technology ceramics. ceramics), special ceramics, etc.

Due to poor plastic toughness, high hardness, and poor processing performance, ceramic materials are different from metal materials and polymer materials in their development and production. Instead of producing a large number of raw materials with different varieties and specifications, they are directly produced into products to the market. Therefore, ceramic workers must not only have knowledge of materials, but also knowledge of mechanical design and machining. When developing ceramic materials and products that work in high-tech fields or under severe conditions, strong interdisciplinary and comprehensive scientific and engineering research is needed to ensure that ceramic materials fully exert their special functions.

Chemshun Ceramics company cooperates with Chinese scientific research institutes to research and produce the material properties of advanced ceramics, especially AL2O3 92%, 95%, 99% ceramics , ZTA ceramics, We hope to make it better to play ceramics’s advantages and bring maximum benefits to customers.


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