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Ceramic grinding media for mining industry

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As the mineral resources are decreasing, the ore with low grade, complex composition, so it is the premise and key of separation that the ore is difficult to mine directly needs to be fine grinding and up to cleavage. Many mining industry production uses ordinary ball mills, using steel ball grinding media, low grinding efficiency, product particle size does not reach the monomer dissociation fineness, so in the field of metal mine and non-metal minerals, it needs to have regrind or fine grinding and energy saving, use sand mill and tower mill equipment with small size ceramic grinding media.

Chemshun ceramic grinding media for mining industry is a small size ceramic ball and used in high intensity stirred mills for fine and ultra fine grinding.

Mining industry include: metal-mine (copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, iron, molybdenum, nickel and etc) and non-metal mine (Zircon sand powder, alumina powder, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, quartz, talc, barite, graphite, heavy calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, mica, kaolin and so on)

Famous mining company: such as Rio Tinto Group, BHP Billiton and Anglo American PLC.

Well-known brand ball mill: Mesto’s SMD(stirred media detritor), Glecore Isamill(horizontal milling), FLSmidth’s VXP mill(vertically oriented stirred media mill), Outotec HIGMill(high intensity grinding mill)

Chemshun Ceramic Grinding Media have: a range of ceramic grinding media with broadest range of sizes and densities (CS26,32,36,38,40,52,60,62) are available to suit both horizontal and vertically mills for fine& ultra-fine grinding, mixing and dispersing.

Low-density ceramic grinding media: CS26 with unmatched economic and performance advantage in fine and ultra-fine grinding process of soft mineral materials with low slurry density.

Middle density ceramic grinding media: CS32, CS36, CS38, CS40, which widely used in the grinding mill of mining and minerals and suitable for hard minerals, high density slurry of minerals. The series media improve cost efficiency of customer.

High density ceramic grinding media: CS52, CS60, CS62 with the best grinding, mixing and dispersing efficiency. This zirconia-based grinding media is the optimum combination of efficient and cost-effective products to enhance productivity and quality.

While you choose the balls supplier, you should select supplied balls with good appearance: smoothness not porous, more spherical and more uniform in the texture and roundness if you look at under strong microscope. Wear Rates and Power Consumption are related with roundness, density, ratio of material.

The most importance is to recommend different ceramic grinding media according to the different application environment and different grinding raw material. Not the highest density balls are the best of you, please choose the most suitable balls with lowest power consumption.

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