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Ceramic Porous Ring

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A new catalyst bed support media  - Ceramic  Porous Ring, with excellent character of high temperature resistance, high density, good pressure drop, excellent mechanical character.
These products are made from Alpha alumina that has a very low silica content. The high purity and strength make this an ideal choice for high temperature and stream applications where it is necessary to avoid the problems of leached silica coating downstream equipment or fouling or polluting the catalyst bed.
The character:
Alpha alumina structure, high purity
Excellent thermal properties
High pressure insistance
Excellent chemical stability with strong resisting of acid, alkaline and organic impregnant.
A. Chemical Analysis:
Items Proportion Items Proportion
Al2O3 >99% SiO2 <0.2%
Fe2O3 <0.1% MgO <0.2%
Na2O <1.0% CaO <1.0%

B: Pysical Analysis :
Items Proportion Items Proportion
Temperature resistance
1800 degree centigrade Abrasion loss (%) < 0.5
Apparent Porosity (%) < 1.5% Moh's hardness (scale) 6
Water Absorption (%) < 5 Specific gravity (g/cm 3 ) 3.50-3.80

C: Package :

 Package way   Weight / Pallet    20 GP Drums package  Plastic bags
  Drums  1200 kg   20~24 Ton  IMG_2713  IMG_2669
  Plastic bags  1000 kg    20~24 Ton


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