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Ceramic Alumina Lining Pieces Application

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Ceramic alumina lining pieces is featured of small size, different shapes, Dozens of ceramic mosaics are arranged and combined into wear protective layer, Chemshun mosaic ceramic tile liners include hexagonal tiles, square or rectangle tiles with dimples,They are popularly applied in following three ways :


1:Used for magnetic separator drum


Belt conveyor pulley lagging brings low efficiency when works in bad environment,like high temperature, serious wear damage, wet or rainy alumina ceramics are chosen to make up for the shortcomings of rubber that is not resistant to high temperature, wear, and paste. Chemshun ceramic square or rectangle tiles with dimples are pasted or vulcanized in rubber sheet of metal base drum in a uniformly or/non-uniformly way.which make magnetic separator drum has better grip ,separation efficiency and abrasion resistance.


2:Vulcanized in rubber liner for better wear resistance


Alumina mosaic ceramics are vulcanized in natural rubber to form a ceramic rubber composite wear liner, which is then fixed on the protective surface of the equipment by  high-strength adhesive (two-in-one wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite liner) to form  firm and crushing force ,this ceramic rubber combination way enhances the wear resistance of rubber or ceramic only , is ideal wear liner material of chute, hopper, bunker.


3: Sticked in silk or nylon as alumina tile kit


Dozens of alumina lining pieces are glued on acetate silk ,nylon or other special medium to form alumina tile kits , The whole piece of alumina ceramic tile mat is much flexible,low weight and easy to cut, So is mostly applied in irregular equipment surface or places where weight and space are limiting factors, like steel pipe liner .


Standard and customized sizes of alumina lining pieces are offered from Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer, hope to we can solve your wear damage problem .

Alumina ceramic mosaic tile application

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