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Benefits of Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Plates

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Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Plate as an excellent wear liner material are popular in the mining and mineral industries. Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd is a professional ceramic wear liner manufacturer. We produce all type of wear resistant ceramics (main material as 92 alumina, 95 alumina and ZTA), we have professional vulcanization equipments, skilled employee and advanced vulcanization process and experience. This article shows why Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Plates are so popular in the market.

Chemshun Rubber ceramics plates also called composition of rubber ceramic steel is high wear resistant ceramics vulcanized in resilient rubber and steel. They normally consist of high wear resistant alumina ceramics bonded to rubber sheet and steel backing plate, which becomes perfect industrial linings with ceramic’s extreme high hardness and rubber flexibility. According to the reasonable components and special structure of this product, Chemshun rubber ceramic plates do have some superior advantages that make it suitable for industries like mining, coal fired power plant, cement plant, etc.

Chemshun rubber ceramics plates

  1. Chemshun alumina ceramics on the surface with high resistant property
    Chemshun alumina ceramic liner has excellent abrasion resistance, excellent impact resistant, high corrosion resistance (resist the strong alkaline, strong acid slag, and liquefied materials) and great heat resistance (up to 1500℃). Technical data is as follows.

 Item  Content
 Alumina content   
 Density  3.62g/cm3
 Abrasion loss  0.014cm3/10minutes
 Rockwell hardness  ≥ 87 HRA
 Moh' s hardness  9 grade
 Impact strength  ≥ 850 Mpa
 Bending strength  ≥ 290 Mpa
 Thermal conductivity  20 W/m.K
 Thermal expansion coefficient  7.2*10(-6)/m.K
 Water absorption  none
Surface  smooth, clear, pure white
 Size  normal size and custom-design can be supplied

2. Rubber sheet offering high impact and noise reduction
The excellent damping performance of rubber greatly lowers the noise generated in the transportation, which can fully settle a series of issues such as impact, abrasion and noise.

rubber ceramic chute liner.jpg

3. The vulcanization process adding hardness and flexibility
Vulcanization is a chemical process, invented by Charles Goodyear, used to harden rubber. Vulcanization traditionally referred to the treatment of natural rubber with heat and sulfur and this remains the most common example, however the term has also grown to include the hardening of other (synthetic) rubbers via various means. Adding sulfur to the vulcanization process gives the rubber better strength, elasticity, and durability.
Our product have made good use of this process to enhance wear resistant, hardness, and the nature of rubber make products more elastic and flexible.

Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate.jpg

4. Steel backing plate contributing to abrasion resistance
The steel backed bottom can effectively avoid the rubber ceramic plate to contact with the ground or other objects in transportation or using process, thus strengthening wear resistance and product longevity.

Ceramic Rubber wear lining.jpg

5. Easy install and repair on site
Chemshun Rubber Ceramic plate bottom side is steel plate with bolts, customer just welding them on site. It’s very convenience and efficiency no matter in a new project or the repair process.

Above is Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Plate information, once you need more information about it, welcome to visit our factory and website: email us or calling us +86-799-6790781, +86-158-7995-7696.

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