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Application of ceramic cyclone in mining process

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Cyclone is a classification equipment commonly used in industrial mineral processing. Although the operation is flexible and convenient, serious problems of wear and tear exist widely in the use process, including the wear of cyclone nozzle, cone, connection pipe, pump and valve, which need to be adjusted or even replaced frequently, thus affecting the screening quality and efficiency. Pingxiang chemshun ceramics Co., LTD specially designed and developed the wear resistant ceramics liner cyclone to solve the problem of severe wear and tear of the cyclone, has been recognized by the majority of customers.

Chemshun cyclone liner.jpg

One of our Yunan province minining industry customer asked us to solve the equipment wear problem and provide anti-wear scheme. Customer's equipment chute and hydrocyclone used ordinary alumina ceramic, but the use effect is not ideal, poor wear resistance and short service life. We analysis the customer's using alumina ceramics and check their alumina ceramic lining fixing status at customer site. We afforded the wear protection solution according to the hydrocyclone's application. The serious wear area, we use the ZTA ceramic lining bricks as the wear liner, the normal wear area, we use the 92%Al2O3 ceramic lining bricks, this type of 92% Alumina ceramics powder is from Australia, with stable performance. We design the wear resistant ceramics liner of the cyclone according to the shape of the cyclone cylinder, cone tube, outlet tube and other parts of the ceramic shape, dry pressure molding, compact, excellent anti-wear performance, its life is more than 10 times the ordinary cyclone. The cyclone improve the working performance greatly. Later, their other 3 cyclones' wear resistant linings were installed by us.

Chemshun ceramic lined cyclone.jpg

Chemshun cyclone application.jpg

A good wear resistant system, the ceramic liner is very important, another side, the installation of ceramic liner is rather important. The skilled and experienced worker's fixing ceramic not only just look beautiful, but is higher efficiency for the actually using. We Pingxiang chemshun ceramics Co.,Ltd has 17 years history of production and install experience, has a considerable influence in the industry. This customer accepted our wear protection solution: Our ZTA ceramic bricks and 92% Alumina ceramic bricks made by Australia alumina powder.

Chemshun Ceramics's good products and services bring more value to customers. Our main wear resistant ceramics is 92% 95% alumina, ZTA ceramics, ceramic rubber wear liners. We have our own R & D and producing lines,  also have steel structure design and processing, ceramic installation, equipment repair and customer site "one-stop" service capabilities.

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