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Alumina Ceramic Tile Mat as Wear Resistant Liner

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Ceramic tile mat is a kind of alumina tiles for equipment wear, its alumina oxide percentage can be 92-99%,its shape can be square, hexagonal, circular, rectangle etc, its common length can be from 10mm to 50mm, plenty of small size ceramic rank on a mat, mat materials can acetate cloth,paper,nylon net. The normal alumina ceramic mosaic single size as: square tile 20x20x4mm, 20x20x6mm, 20x20x8mm, 17.5x17.5x5mm, hexagonal tile S12xT3mm, S12xT6mm etc. Chemshun Ceramics can produce according to your detailed requirement.

When facing ceramic tiles purchase, generally the application is the vital factor, these alumina tiles need to be pasted on the surface against the impact of materials passing through the equipment, naturally the surface of the equipment is secondly important for selection. The customers commonly are maintaince engineers, they will provide the detailed drawing of equipment structure as well as the parameters of the alumina tiles to pick up,once the suitable alumina tiles are determined, they are installed on the equipment,the process refers to installation method and time, consequently ceramic tile of small size on mat comes out for saving time and better installation.

Our Chemshun Ceramics is a wear plate supplier in abrasion resistant ceramics field, we could provide ceramic tile mat such as 150*150mm,300*300mm,500*500mm,ceramic size and shape can be customized as request. And our Ceramic tile mat have advantages of high hardness, superior abrasion-resistance and light weight. They are suitable for thermal power, iron and steel, metallurgy, mechanical, coal, mine, chemical, cement and other industries.

Once you need more information welcome to contact with us by email or calling us +86-799-6790781.

Chemshun Ceramic Alumina Ceramic Tile Mat

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