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Advantages of Ceramic Tower Packing

Views: 34     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2022-02-18      Origin: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD


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The ceramic tower(random) packing has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance,and can resist the corrosion of all kinds of acid and alkali except fluorooxic acid.Ceramic tower packing can be used in chemical, metallurgy, acid, gas, oxygen,iron and steel, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry and other industries of washing tower, cooling tower, recycling tower, desulfurization tower, drying tower,absorption tower and reactor lining.Ceramic tower packing including ceramic pall ring, three Y ring, ceramic raschig ring, ceramic cross-partition ring, ceramic saddles,ceramic super saddle, conjugate ring and more than 40 porcelain ring.

The ceramic saddles is processed by continuous extrusion, which has the advantages of high flux, low pressure and high efficiency. The packed bed with rectangular saddle ring has a large void ratio, and there are mostly circular arc liquid channels in the bed, which reduces the resistance of gas passing through the bed, and also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient of liquid flowing down.

The ceramic super saddle ring packing is a new type of packing improved on the basis ofrectangular saddle ring packing, which has the characteristics of low pressure and high mass transfer efficiency, and is widely used in sulfuric acid drying tower and other tower equipment.

The ceramic cross-partition ring packing is only suitable for neat stacking, generally only used as the tower bottom support distribution layer of random packing. ф 80-150mm specifications of the cross partition ring can be used as supporting material, void rate is greater than 60%, the number of integration.

Ceramic raschig ring packing is the first developed bulk packing. The shape of ceramic rascating ring filler is simple, and its height is equal to its diameter size. Large size rascating rings (above 100MM) are generally filled in a regular way, and below 75MM size rascating rings are generally filled in a random way.

Ceramic Pall ring is to improve some of the main shortcomings of lacey ring, is the wall of the ordinary Lacey ring open eight layers of rectangular Windows, the small window blades in the center of the ring overlap, the upper and lower layer of the window position of each other. The main difference between it and lacey ring packing is that there are rectangular window holes on the side wall, and the window leaves of the window holes are bent into the ring center. Because of the opening of the ring wall, the distribution performance of gas and liquid is greatly improved compared with lacey ring, especially the inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized.

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