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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tower Random packing

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tower Random packing 

Tower packing role is to provide adequate contact surface for gas and liquid, Tower packing commonly used can be divided into two types of bulk packing and structured packing.Detailed products include ceramic saddle ,pall ring,raschig ring etc.


(1) Raschig ring packing:

Advantages: easy to manufacture, low cost, and its research is more adequate, so in the past it has been widely used for a long time.

Disadvantages: due to the high aspect ratio, the packing is easy to form line contact during packing, so there is often serious channeling and wall-flow phenomenon when the liquid flows in the packing layer. And Raschig ring packing surface wetting rate is low, so the mass transfer rate is not high.

(2) Pall ring packing

The pall ring developed on the basis of the Raschig ring is one or two oblong holes in the side wall, and the base metal of the hole does not leave the side wall but forms the inwardly curved blade. Pall ring and Raschig ring with the same size although the same specific surface area and porosity, but the Pall ring in the small holes on the side wall for gas and liquid circulation, so that the inner wall of the ring make full use of.

Compared with Raschig ring, Pall Ring not only has greater capacity and lower pressure drop, but also has higher separation efficiency and greatly reduces channeling phenomenon.

(3)  Saddle Ring

 Saddle ring includes ceramic saddle,metal and plastic saddle ring. Ceramic ring is much popular as tower packing. Is the opening packing with the structure of groove hemicycle, which reduce the cover between the p acking and enlarge the space , therefore,,the availability of the mass transfer surface will be enhanced efficiently.

Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer as tower packing supplier suggest end users to choose products according to actual application.

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