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Activated alumina catalyst carrier performance and function

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Activated alumina catalyst carrier for white, spherical porous material;Non-toxic, odourless, not powder, insoluble in water, ethanol.White ball material, special craft production, due to the unique frame structure, so the affinity and the active component is extremely strong, uniform pore distribution, the product aperture size is appropriate, entrance, bibulous rate is high, small bulk density, good mechanical performance, has a good stability.Suitable for push carrier agent.

Activated alumina advantages: activated alumina fluoride in similar to the anion exchange resin, but the fluoride ion selective anion resin is big, live sex alumina adsorption defluorization effect is good, stable capacitance, per cubic meter of activated alumina fluoride absorption 6400 grams, this product has high strength, low abrasion, water the same soft, not expansion, not pulverization, not broken.Can be widely used in petroleum cracking gas, the depth of the dry ethylene propylene gas and hydrogen production, dry air separation device, instrument air drying machine, hydrogen peroxide solution of hydrogen fluoride treatment can remove the sulfur in the exhaust gas and pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons, particularly appropriate fluoride water fluoride in processing.

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