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Abrasion Resistant Lining For Chute Wear Solution

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Abrasion Resistant Lining For Chute Wear Solution

In aggressive industrial applications, Equipment heavy-duty parts are often exposed to aggressive slurries, sand aggregates, particulates, and large stones that can damage and abrade even the hardest reinforced steel substrates. Alumina ceramic abrasion resistant linings can protect from mechanical attack, chemical attack, corrosion, or by a combination of these three modes. Typically equipment like mixing vessels, pumps, hoppers, housings, tanks, chutes, pipes, and centrifuges.

Abrasion Resistant Lining

Chute is much common equipment in mining,steel industry, port, power generation plant etc. material impact, serious wear and tear, high working temperature is the common feature of chutes.mechanical attack and corrosion damage is the main problem of chute.In order to increase the overall life of the chute, measures must be taken from materials used in the chute , its manufacturing process, structural optimization design, surface treatment, proper use and maintenance etc.

Abrasion resistant linings made of alumina ceramics is much popularly applied as chute liner,Chemshun Ceramics can offer kinds of abrasion resistant ceramics for chute, like rubber ceramic wear liner, alumina tile , weldable tile liner etc. Welcome to inquiry .

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