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5-day Nha Trang Tourism of Chemshun Ceramics Staff .

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After whole year hard work 2017, In order to let all the company staff to fully relax and adjust the body and mind, create a united,active and progressive atmosphere, Chemshun Ceramics Company started a trip to Nha Trang with 5 days

Island Play

Nha Trang is a coastal city in central Vietnam, the capital city of the southern province of Khanh Hoa province, a famous seaside tourist destination and port city. Its quiet introverted gradually by more foreign tourists attention.This time Chemshun team visited coral island, silkworm island, Liancourt island, also enjoyed much offshore project like walk on the sea, underwater diving,Ride the boat.then Lied on the beach chair after several hours activity. Sunshine, beach, sea breeze, beach chairs, cruise ship formed a beautiful painting.

5-day Nha Trang Tourism of Chemshun Ceramics Staff

Local Specialty

Nha Trang is Diverse city with half foreign population,like Russian,Chinese,American. Which bring diverse culture. Chemshun Team visited Nha Trang Church built during 1928~1933 is Gothic church .then visited Po Nagar Cham Towers, a hindu religious architecture.SPA is much popular in this city, we all enjoyed twice after outdoor activities. At the same time, so many food should be suggested like Filter Coffee, self-service BBQ,mango juice and so on .

5-day Nha Trang Tourism of Chemshun Ceramics Staff


Chemshun Ceramics Team all had a good time during this holiday .

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