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The Abrasion Of Ceramic Material

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In any running machines, the relative movement of various parts occurs, that is, sliding or rolling friction or friction between the two, a series of mechanical, physical, and chemical interactions occur under the action of friction, causing the machine dimensional changes and material loss occur on the surface of the piece. This phenomenon is called wear and tear .


The wear of ceramics is caused by the sliding movement between the two surfaces or the two particles between the surfaces. It may also be caused by the impact of the particles and the surface cracking and peeling. Therefore, the amount of wear of the ceramic material is related to the smoothness or particle size of the contact surface and the positive pressure of the wear surface. The smoother the surface, the smaller the sliding motion of the particles. The wear rate increases with increasing impact angle and increases with relative speed. In addition, the wear of ceramics is also related to the relative hardness, strength, elastic modulus, density and environment of the material.


Therefore, when evaluating the wear performance of ceramic materials, the influence of comprehensive factors should be considered. For example, the effect of alumina corrosion and wear at the same time is more severe than the effect of single damage.


Chemshun Ceramics specializes in Al2O3 92% ceramics, Al2O3 95% alumina ceramics, ZTA ceramics, SISIC ceramics with excellent wear resistance,which are largely required in current market.

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