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Chemshun Wear Resistant Ceramics Introduction

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Chemshun wear resistant ceramics
Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd is a professional wear resistant ceramics manufacturer and exporter with 17 years experience. Chemshun aim is being a forerunner in the field of wear resistant ceramics. Here we briefly introduce our basic two series wear ceramic products.

Wear Ceramic tiles/pipes
This wear ceramic tile is usually directly bonded on the wall of equipment by our high-strength-resistance epoxy adhesive.

Wear resistant Ceramic tiles normal size: 150x100x12mm, 150x100x/25mm,100x100x10mm.
Ceramic lining pieces : 20x20x10mm, 10x10x5mm, S12xT6mm, S12xT12mm and etc.
Tiles shape: Square, Hexagonal, Cylinder, Rectangle.
Alumina Ceramic straight pipe and ceramic elbows.  

Custom sizes and shapes can be required.
Material: 92% alumina, 95% alumina, ZTA, Zirconia.
Applicable scope:This product used as the wear protection liners for the air and wind powder, bulk material conveying system.

Chemshun wear resistant ceramic tiles.jpg

Ceramic rubber wear liner & Ceramic composite rubber liner backed steel plate
Ceramic rubber wear liner is using the heat pressing to vulcanize the high alumina ceramic and rubber together. It can be installed onto the equipment surface by adhesive directly. It has both the advantage property of ceramic's high hardness and rubber's impact resistance ability.
Applicable scope: Ceramic rubber wear liner is suitable for the wear resistant equipment of bulk material conveying system. Such as the coal hopper, coal chute, material mixer and so on.

Ceramic composite rubber liner backed steel plate is the liner vulcanizing the ceramic and rubber into the steel plate. It can be connect with bolts and nuts or by welding the steel plate to do the connections. This product is normally the customized products, it can be made with different shapes, different thickness according to the working conditions.
Applicable scope:This product used as wear resistant lining in the equipment working at strong impact and serious abrasion.

Ceramic composite rubber wear liner

Chemshun as a professional wear ceramics factory, also has technical team and installation team who can help the client to choose the suitable wear resistant ceramic products, and we have the ability to design and make the CAD drawings according to the client’s wear application.
Welcome to email us or calling us +86-799-6790781, 0086-158-7995-7696 and visit our factory or our website :  to know more.

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