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Application of Activated Alumina Ball

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Activated alumina ball, the name is Activated Alumina or Reactive alumina; activated alumin (I) um oxide. It is a porous, highly dispersed solid material with a large surface area. Its microporous surface has the characteristics required for catalysis, so it is widely used as a catalyst, fluoride adsorbent and desiccant.


1: Applied as a desiccant

 Activated alumina desiccant is mainly used for drying liquids and gases. Although it can absorb all molecules to a certain extent, it will preferentially absorb molecules with strong polarity. Gas pressure, concentration, molecular weight, temperature and molecular active sites all affect the adsorption effect. Common sizes of activated alumina desiccant are spherical 1/16 ", 1/8", 3/16 ", 1/4". It is widely used for gas and liquid phase drying in petrochemical industry, for drying textile industry, oxygen industry and automatic instrument air, pressure swing adsorption in air separation industry, etc. Due to the high net heat of the single-molecule adsorption layer, it is very suitable for heatless regeneration devices.


2: Applied As Fluoride adsorbent

 Drinking water is the main way for human body to ingest fluoride, and the content of fluoride in domestic drinking water should not exceed 1.0 mg / L. At present, the adsorption method is the most used method for the treatment of fluorine-containing industrial wastewater at home and abroad. Active oxidation has high absorption capacity, good strength, wear resistance, long service life and stable performance. The water quality after defluorination meets the hygienic standards set by the state. Therefore, it is called the ideal device for defluoridation of domestic drinking water, the defluorination filter material of waterworks, and the use of industrial defluorination devices.


3: Applied as a catalyst

Applied as a Catalyst: It can also be applied for the various catalyst s ids in hydrogen hydrogen peroxide production, in the production of polyethylene, in production of polyethylene, as a selective adsorbent for many Chemicals, leing fluoride, arsenic, etc. in-blu from removal the main gas streams.

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