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Alumina ceramic tile is an environment-friendly and economical wear resistant material

Views: 21     Author: Allen Yang     Publish Time: 2019-01-17      Origin: Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd.


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Alumina ceramic tile hardness is high. Its rock hardness is HRA80-90 and the Moh‘s hardness is up to 9 grade with is only less than diamond. Its  abrasion-resistance is 171.5times of Chrome steel and 260 times of manganese steel materials. Somebody maybe think alumina wear-resisting ceramic material use limits are not extensive, there are a lot of limits in using process. In fact, alumina wear-resisting ceramic pieces are used in a wide range of industrial production now such as mining, power, cement, agriculture etc. It used in wear area of mechanical equipment and greatly reduces the machine shut down due to wear and tear, it make the production safety.


92 alumina ceramic tile, ceramic lagging, ceramic mat, alumina tiles because give full play to its high strength, can stand the shock, and its high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, smooth surface for an advantage. Overcome the low hardness and low wear resistance of steel and the shortcoming of easily broken ceramic, a new type of special materials combined with the advantages of various materials was developed: The alumina ceramic rubber material, alumina wear-resisting ceramic rubber and steel combination products.


High Alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining is made from a variety of tough materials by high pressure forming, firing by high temperature. Compare with the ZrO2, SiSiC, alloy steel, ZTA material, high alumina wear-resistant ceramics are much lower cost with excellent performance. Meanwhile the alumina wear resistant ceramics will not cause environmental pollution, is a kind of environmental protection and saving material. In the future development of the material will be more widely used, become a common wear-resisting material.


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