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99% Alumina Ceramic Fluted Rings

  • Chemshun Ceramics

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ceramic fluted ring is new generation catalyst carrier ..Compare with the common raschig rings, it improve with the water flowing surface area, Product surface area also increase the density. ceramic fluted raschig rings has the character with acid&alkali character, low cost, special design, Big surface area and so on .

Products Characters
-- High purity , alpha alumina structure ,low silica
-- Excellent thermal resistance
-- Excellent chemical stability with strong resisting of acid , alkaline and organic impregnant

-- High purity
-- Excellent inert character
-- Good hardness
-- Low water absorption
-- High density
-- Wear-high temp

Technical data
Chemical data:

Physical properties :

Water Absorption, %<1.0
Specific gravity, g/cm3>3
Operation temp, >1100
Hardness (Mohs), scale9
Application : Petroleum , chemical industry, refinery , fertilizer ,natural gas etc.

Package Information :By paper cartons, then cartons shrink-wrapped and fasten on pallet.
Handling and Storage recommendations :
Dust in the work area should be kept to minimum and proper ventilation  provided.  Avoid inhalation of dust. Avoid eye contact with materials. During handling precautions should be taken against electrosatic discharges. Open packages should be resealed to prevent contamination and adsorption of water



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