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The Best Wear Solution Service Provided by Chemshun Ceramics

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Chemshun Ceramics provide service for wear solutions :

1.Site survey

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd has experienced engineering team. Our technical person can visit site and assess wear information and take measurement.

2.Wear solution and wear protection

Chemshun Team according to the detailed application parameters afford the detailed wear solution and wear protection to customer.

3.Producing high quality wear abrasion impact resistant alumina ceramic liners and ZTA ceramic liners.  

4.CAD Drawing and pre-engineered ceramics.

Chemshun engineering team provide the CAD drawing. And provide pre-engineered ceramics and solve the wear problem of the complex area of equipment.


Chemshun Ceramics team provide the wear resistant ceramic lining installation on site.


Chemshun Ceramics can afford the full set of equipment with ceramic lining, such as cyclone, cone, chute, elbows, pipes etc. 

ceramic appled in power generation


ceramics lined power plant


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